Service Wall Duct

  1. Sanitary duct with gas and water outlets
  2. Wing edge (lamp or moulded part)
  3. Braced support
  4. Electrical trunking with electrical connections
  5. Ventilation duct with local extraction
  6. T wing element

Product Overview

As an alternative to the service spine, the service wall duct can be mounted at different heights and directly to a wall, or connected after a service spine fitted against a wall. It is also equipped with panel technology and an integrated rail for variable configuration.

Intended Uses

  • Wall-mounted services supply for:
    • Laboratory benches under or in front of the service wall duct
    • Laboratory devices on mobile tables or underbench constructions
    • Floor-mounted laboratory devices
  • Design versions for genetical engineering areas
  • Tool-free installation of supplementary service duct add-on parts such as monitor arm, pipette holder, paper towel dispenser, universal storage area, etc.

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