Low Level Fume Cupboard

  1. Sash with handle and horizontal sashes
  2. Service panel
  3. Service module in the side panel of the fume cupboard
  4. FAZ or AC control panel
  5. Upper sash window
  6. Removable fascia panel
  7. Extract air collection duct
  8. Baffle with scaffold points
  9. Add-on table

Intended Uses

  • Protective device for the user, tested in acc. with EN 14175
  • Extraction of fumes, aerosols and dust from the internal workspace to prevent dangerous amounts of
    pollutants from escaping into the laboratory
  • To prevent the formation of dangerous potentially explosive atmospheres in the internal workspace
  • Protection from splashes of hazardous substances
  • Protection from flying particles, bodies or parts escaping from the internal workspace
  • Genereal fume cupboards constructed in acc. with EN 14175 are normally not suited for use with radioactive substances or microorganisms.
  • Not suitable for openly breaking down chemicals
  • Suitable for experimental setups on an add-on table
  • Service outlets in the service modules of the side panels of the internal workspace
  • Control units located externally at the service panels

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