Laboratory Cabinets

Vast selection of storage variants for fast access and safe storage in the laboratory

For maximum flexibility in the laboratory, we offer a large variety of cabinet and underbench unit variants. Pushed in underbench units, either movable or on plinth, easily fit under C-frame, H-frame and cantilever frames, or under fume cupboards with their own supporting structure.

Design and function go together
The aluminium die-cast handles without joints are resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.Special  highlights in laboratory design can be set by using walnut veneer fronts. Our suspended cabinets are fastened to the service spine or wall without a visible gap.

More safety details
Due to the self-locking protection and changepull- out catch of the drawers, our movable underbench units will not tilt over. Our tall cupboards are fitted with a rail on the inside for safely securing a ladder.

Surfaces and edges are optimally protected
The melamine resin coated surfaces are easy to clean and robust against the effects in the laboratory. The front edges on the carcass and on the shelves are equipped with impact-resistant 2 mm polypropylene edges.